Keep It Going

S. J. Wynn
1 min readFeb 10, 2022
Sailboats on Massabesic Lake

Some of the days you barely write at all,
End up being the days you wrote the most…

Every athlete will tell you the body needs rest to get stronger.

What goes on in the background when building muscle and well-being is not more important than working out. It’s the whole point.

You see results because you initiated the process. You did not walk every protein through its division or set the rise and fall temp of inflammation and stress of each tissue.

You, through action, consistent action, started and trained the process.

You showed up. You fed the fire.
You kept it going. You keep it going.

You let the body do what you’ve told it to. You get out of the way so what’s not your conscious effort, but its reward, can do its work.

The result of which brings a small amount of pride and the motivation that the next day of work will be as worthwhile, even more.

The top of the mountain appears the smallest because it’s gained through the wisdom of persistent work, and so gains the respect of the total embrace of the sky.


S. J. Wynn

Keep Going. Keep it Going… It’s not a matter of if, it’s just a matter of… \O/ …